With a focus on new venture creation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurial management within existing organizations, the department fosters the entrepreneurial spirit. It is this spirit that has led a third of IESE’s alumni to participate in the creation of a company at some point during their career.

Among its activities, the department leads the core second-year course on entrepreneurship, taught since 1974, in which students develop business plans. The best plans are presented at the New Business Forum held annually at IESE. A venture capital fund known as FINAVES has been providing seed money for selected student entrepreneurs since it was founded in 1999. In addition, IESE has also established a Network of Private Investors (business angels) in Barcelona and Madrid to help create new high-growth businesses.

Coursework includes Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Management, Entrepreneurial Strategies for Social Impact, Entrepreneurial Negotiations, and Financing Entrepreneurial Opportunities.

Through their research, the department’s faculty is exploring cutting-edge topics relating to entrepreneurship that affect the business community.


IESE’s Entrepreneurship Department, together with the EIC, FINAVES and the Business Angels Network, regularly participates in and contributes to conferences and forums to support the entrepreneurial spirit. Some examples are:

Investment Forums by the IESE Business Angels
The Global Entrepreneurship Week
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Spain
European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research
Association of High Growth Entrepreneurs Growth Plus