PPP - Public-Private Partnerships

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Xavier Vives

Our Team

Xavier Vives
Academic Director

Dennis Hutschenreiter 
Research Assistant
Gianpero Mattera
Visiting Researcher

Miquel Rodriguez Planas
Francesc Trillas
Academic Coordinator


IESE Business School is committed to the development of leaders who aspire to have a positive, deep and lasting impact on people, firms and society through their professionalism, integrity and spirit of service.

IESE aspires to be a world-class and truly global business school, seeking teaching excellence and research impact. IESE has two campuses in Barcelona and Madrid and facilities in Munich, New York and Sao Paulo, offering executive programs in key countries around the world.

The school’s core values are articulated in its programs and materials. They are based on the belief that firms are, above all, communities of people who work better in an atmosphere of trust. Those values highlight the aspiration to excellence that any professional in the business world should aim at.

IESE Business School’s research centers and chairs serve as important means, within the Research Division, for generating and supporting the research activities of IESE faculty.

The Public-Private Sector Research Center was created in October of 2001. Its mission is to foster cooperation between the private sector and public administrations, as well as the exchange of ideas and initiatives, through dialogue, research and education. The aim is to open a way of cooperation and exchange of ideas and initiatives.

The objectives of the Center are the following. To:

  • promote high quality scientific research about the business sector and public administration
  • consolidate a group of international investigative excellence in the fields related to the Center 
  • spread scientific studies in business media and administrations to impact public policies created in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and Latin America. 
  • serve as a forum bringing together professionals and researchers from companies, as well as public administrators. 
  • contribute to high level business training in the business sector area and public administration.
In addition to its role as a research entity, the Center also seeks to promote educational activities and forums for experts in the field, through the design of courses, seminars and conferences.