Novartis Chair on Operational Excellence in the Health Sector

Holder: Jaume Ribera

The sustainability of healthcare systems in all countries is being threatened due to demographic factors (longer life expectancies, a multi-pathological population, lower birth rates), the continuous emergence of new technologies with high development costs and limited public funding for healthcare coverage.

The Novartis Chair on Operational Excellence in the Health Sector proposes researching ways to improve operations in the healthcare sector in order to boost efficiency and disseminate research findings among health industry professionals.

The knowledge generated is published on the Healthcare Management Center website, a joint initiative of Novartis and IESE. It is also disseminated via participation in congresses, the publication of academic articles and monographs, and the organization of training seminars and activities.

Research lines

Operational excellence in its three dimensions:

  • Technical and knowledge excellence.
  • Excellence in processes and vertical and horizontal integration.
  • Excellence in service to patients and family members.

Holder of the Chair

Jaume Ribera is a professor of Operations Management and director of the Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management. He holds the Port of Barcelona Chair of Logistics at CEIBS in Shanghai, China. He was president of the European Operations Management Association and secretary of the U.S. Operations Management Association. He has worked in the healthcare sector for more than 30 years and has led projects in private companies and public bodies in the European Union, Asia and Latin America and for the World Bank.