SEAT Chair of Labor Relations

Holder: Carlos J. Sánchez-Runde

Innovative technology has revolutionized the goods and services production field, bringing with it new forms for understanding business and its activities. This transformation of business, which accelerates every day, requires new approaches in the field of labor relations that respond to current problems and provide appropriate channels and approaches to more properly address people’s concerns and aspirations.

The SEAT Chair of Labor Relations, created in 1988, seeks to develop a new labor relations model that responds to the social and economic needs of companies in the 21st century. The contribution of new ideas and approaches that help produce improvements in the area of labor relations constitutes the main focus of the Chair’s activity.


  • Contribute to the development of a new model for labor relations in business that fully addresses the economic and social realities of present-day Europe.
  • Promote an integrated vision for staff performance as a part of business strategy.
  • Design a human and work strategy, incorporated into the general strategy of businesses, which takes into account the current realities in Spain and their evolution in the future.
  • Strengthen the proper channels that increase awareness and support at the European level of new frameworks for action in the field of labor relations.

Holder of the Chair

Carlos J. Sánchez-Runde is a professor of Managing People in Organizations. He holds a doctorate in Management (Human Resource Management) from the University of Oregon, and has worked as a teacher and researcher in the United States, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru. His work has been published in journals such as the Journal of Management Development, Organizational Dynamics and the Revista Internacional de Organizaciones. He also serves as a consultant to national and international companies. His areas of specialization are cross-cultural management, strategic human resources management and compensation and pay policies.