SEAT Chair of Innovation

Holder: Antonio Dávila

Innovation in business involves the interaction of technology and management. Developments in sales, marketing, distribution channels, human resources and finance practices are examples of business innovation.

The SEAT Chair of Innovation promotes applied research on innovation and fosters management training in this area, with a perspective to enabling its practical application and that is also relevant to the company.

The results of its research are disseminated at academic congresses and seminars, courses in the MBA program, Executive Education programs, industry meetings and sessions at the IESE Alumni Learning Program.

Research lines

  • Innovation processes within the management model of the company. To understand innovation from the perspective of the company and not only from the perspective of an innovation project.
  • Innovation processes from the perspective of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial initiative. How to improve the growth of innovative start-ups.
  • Innovation within the control of management and finance, building upon existing knowledge of innovation and management control.

Holder of the Chair

Antonio Dávila is a professor of Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Control. He is a member of the editorial boards of Accounting, Organizations and Society, The Journal of Management Accounting Research and Advances in Management Accounting. His interests center on the development of new products, innovation management and performance measurement. He has received numerous acknowledgements for his work, such as the McKinsey Best Paper Award from the Strategic Management Society.