Managing People in Organizations Department

The Managing People in Organizations Department helps managers understand the interplay between management action, human resources management and labor relations in business strategy.

The department focuses its teaching and research on the crucial role people play as the main source of competitive advantage. In doing so, they reflect IESE’s humanistic view of management, providing students and program participants with insights to help them in their professional roles and decision-making.

Coursework includes Managing People in Organizations, Careers in Organizations, Communication and Interpersonal Relations, Executive Personality, Global Roll-out Workshop, Innovation Management, Leadership and Organizational Change, Management of Non-Profit Institutions, Managing Business and Public Administration, and Teamwork: How to Improve its Performance.

Through their research, the department’s faculty is exploring the most recent and influential ideas relating to the management of people in organizations.

Areas of expertise

  • Cross-cultural management
  • Coaching, personnel development and management careers
  • Organizational change and development
  • Work and family balance
  • HR strategy
  • Worker motivation in the new forms of work: temporary & telework
  • Labor relations

Former Collaborators


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Working Papers

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