Operations, Information and Technology Department

The Operations, Information and Technology Department focuses on training managers in the design, implementation and continuous improvement of operations, with technology and information systems as an integral part of companies’ structure.

With client satisfaction as the key goal of operations, the search for efficiency requires a careful diagnosis of the company’s basic design system, as well as related capabilities and processes. The department’s teaching and research also emphasizes areas such as supply chain trends, innovation in processes and services management.

In addition, the department helps future managers to develop decision-making skills as they relate to information systems and technology by emphasizing the key roles these areas play in attaining a firm’s objectives. The department focuses on IS as an integral part of a company’s management infrastructure and the impact of the digitalization process on current business strategies.

Coursework includes Operations Management; Analytical Tools in Operations Management; Logistics; Management in the Health and Service Sectors;  Procurement, Project and Turnaround Management; Total Creativity; Transforming Organizations and Markets with ICTs; and Using Technology to Create Strategic Options.

Through their research, the department’s faculty is exploring the most recent and influential ideas in operations, information systems and technology in the corporate world.

Areas of expertise

  • Operations strategy
  • Management of service operations and healthcare operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • The role of new technologies in implementation processes
  • Strategic management and information systems
  • ICT-enabled innovation
  • Competitive strategy and IT/IS
  • Media and entertainment
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Social media

Former Collaborators


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