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Crowdfunding and the Financing of Entrepreneurial Ventures

Lending Club’s IPO preparations mark an important milestone for Peer to Peer...

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How Entrepreneurship Works!

Social Entrepreneurship Platform

How Entrepreneurship Works

Social Entrepreneurship

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IESE Entrepreneurship Platform

IESE Business School was created by and for entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship has always occupied a key position in its curriculum. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, the Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship, FINAVES, and the Business Angel network in Barcelona and Madrid organize training, research and networking activities for each phase of the entrepreneurial project.

The aim of this website is to facilitate access by alumni to all the resources generated by IESE to support them in each phase of their entrepreneurial initiatives. 

The Entrepreneur


It's time to think about the things that encouraged you to explore the idea of investing in an innovative startup project, investing in an organization or being an investor. Sources and resources that can help alumni define the process of creating a new activity and the competences required to develop it.

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The Opportunity


If being an entrepreneur is about exploiting opportunities, it is important to make sure that the opportunity lies within, in the form of professional skills that are well above average, or that the opportunity is somewhere out there, in the form of millions of people who want something they currently don't have.

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The Launch


This section contains tools that can help you align the resources needed for your project, whether you are self-employed or employed by a company. Financing, equipment, partners, legal resources, etc.

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As the entrepreneur, you must generate alternatives when a project is consolidated, depending on your business model: Grow? Sell? Allow other partners to join? This section includes tools, references and resources than can help you assess your decision.

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