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    Since 2000, FINAVES has been a key platform for supporting and inspiring the IESE entrepreneurial spirit. Besides making tools available to promising entrepreneurs so they can refine their business plans, raise seed capital and turn their venture into a reality, FINAVES supports new companies by pooling investors, entrepreneurs and the expertise of IESE Business School. The result is a firm boost to the creation of new companies, job opportunities and economic growth, which are basic requirements of economic development.

  • Madrid advisers

    Carmen Urbano Prada

    PDG from IESE Business School and Master's in Foreign Trade from the CEOE. In 2010, she founded POMO POSIBILIDADES, which developed ePOMo, an app for paying using a mobile phone, and VALDUR Financial Services, a consultancy specializing in financial and business strategies for corporate development. VALDUR is the result of her professional experience and belief in the importance of financial strategy in the success of a business. Her clients are organizations with innovative business models and SMEs with ideas they want to turn into businesses. Her services rely on having a very close relationship with clients in order to understand their businesses inside out.

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    The advisory service is only available for members of the Alumni Association. As a member, you have the right to one hour of consultation during the year.