The Opportunity. Turn your idea into a business

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Training and Networking

How do I turn an idea into a good business?

If being an entrepreneur is about exploiting opportunities, it is important to make sure that the opportunity lies within, in the form of professional skills that are well above average, or that the opportunity is somewhere out there, in the form of millions of people who want something they currently don't have.

  • Continuous Education Program

    The continuous education sessions in the following cycles are highly recommended:

    • Large Sector Series: present and future
      The goal of this series is to review the essential points of each one of the diverse sectors and reflects on future perspectives. This year, the energy, food and beverage and healthcare sectors will be analyzed.
    • Social Entrepreneurship Series: innovation and social entrepreneurship
      Why are non-profit organizations experiencing an increasingly competitive orientation? And why are traditional companies increasing their social commitment? What is a hybrid organization? What are the business and social opportunities associated with the rise and growing importance of the so-called social economy? And what are the key problems associated with this important socioeconomic change?
    • FINAVES Series: entrepreneurship and investing
      Leverage IESE’s experience in entrepreneurial initiatives to boost your investment project in collaboration with Finaves, the school’s main platform for supporting and inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to offering tools for promising entrepreneurs to help refine their business plans and collect seed capital to turn a project into a reality, Finaves brings together investors, entrepreneurs and IESE’s experience to promote new companies.
    • More Series in the Continuous Education Program
  • Workshops and activities for entrepreneurs

    The participants are distributed in groups of 80 people per classroom and given an overall view of the challenges, threats and opportunities linked to entrepreneurship. IESE Business School organizes these three workshops:

    • Workshop 1: I have an idea... now what?"
      This workshop will seek answers to the following questions: How much is an idea worth? How can it be protected? What's the difference between an idea and a business opportunity? How are business opportunities assessed? What kind of opportunities deserve to be pursued and what kind don't?
    • Workshop 2: "The Lean Startup"
      Assuming that you already have an idea worth pursuing and are aware of previous attempts to pursue it (subjects covered in the first workshop), it's time to get to work and find a business model by seeking answers to these questions: Is it time to carry out market research and write the business plan? How do you identify the key risks and uncertainties of your project? What can you do to address these risks and uncertainties? When is it time to "manufacture" the product?  When is it time to place your product on the market?

      This workshop presents and uses Steve Blank's conceptual outline and work plan known as “Customer Development”, which was later popularized by Eric Ries as “The Lean Startup”. After the workshop, participants will have to draw up and implement a work plan to test and define their business model.
    • Workshop 3: “Is my project worth investing in?”
      When is it time to present my project to investors? What kinds of investors are there, where do they work and how can they be contacted? What answers will these investors need before they invest? What will they want in exchange for their money? Do I really need an investor? Do I really want an investor?
    “Doing Good and Doing Well”
    Premier international conference that aims to explore business opportunities in a more effective, more sustainable and more profitable way. It provides an ideal opportunity to network with professionals with strong positions in the business world.
  • Recommended e-conferences

    Through IESE's website, alumni can follow pre-recorded chats that interest them and best meet their needs before embarking on the road to entrepreneurship. We recommend:

  • IESE programs for entrepreneurs
    • Venture Academy
      The format known as "Venture Academy" is a simulation and training platform that allows entrepreneurs to improve their skills for communication and presentation of their business projects to potential investors, in terms of content (presenting the information that the investor needs in order to make a decision) and form (personal "elevator pitch", presentation, executive summary, business plan, etc.).
  • Executive Education programs

    IESE faculty members recommend the following Short Focused Program to enhance your management skills: