Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC)

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) | IESE Business School

MBA Business Model Challenge

The MBA Business Model Challenge connects MBAs and large corporations that desire to get an external unbiased perspective on their current business models and receive suggestions for improving it. Once a year.

MBA Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The MBA Entrepreneurship Curriculum is a designed and specific path within the MBA program to entrepreneurs. Once a year.

MBA Summer Entrepreneurship Experience

The MBA Summer Entrepreneurship Experience is a forum that enables students to test out the entrepreneurial career path and to further develop their entrepreneurial projects. Once a year.

MBA Career Treks - Entrepreneurship

The MBA Career Treks - Entrepreneurship are trips designed to explore career options within the entrepreneurial field in Dublin, London, Berlin and Silicon Valley. Once a year.

Executive MBA (EMBA) International Week at New York

The EMBA International Week gives the chance to EMBA students to be immersed in a dedicated module of entrepreneurship in the New York city. Twice a year.

Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) Module at Silicon Valley

The GEMBA Module at Silicon Valley is one of the module of the GEMBA program that is focused on IT, entrepreneurship and venture capital. Once a year.

PhD Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The PhD Entrepreneurship Curriculum includes electives related with Entrepreneurship to students that are interested in this research topic. Once a year.

Business Angel Academy

The Business Angel Academy is a four-day program to improve the competencies necessary to properly manage the private investment process. Once a year.

Strategic Acceleration Workshop

The Strategic Acceleration Workshop is targeted to a selected group of Catalan technology-based SMEs and enhances the competitiveness of the selected companies. Once a year.

EIT Summer School

The EIT Summer School is a healthcare initiative that gathers researchers, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and innovators from across Europe at IESE during the summer. Once a year.

Continous Education

The Alumni Learning Program is a selection of sessions by IESE Professors about different topics such as entrepreneurship and innovation.