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  • ACCIÓ 
    This is an agency linked to the Ministry of Business and Employment of the Catalan government that supports business competitiveness. With its central office in Barcelona, it operates via an international network of 34 business promotion centers in more than 70 markets worldwide. It provides advice in the areas of internationalization, technology transfer, financing and access to funds, legal matters and information services, etc. It collaborates with IESE Business School by sponsoring the Tech Fair.
    IESE's Business Angel Network is a founding member of the Spanish Association of Business Angels (AEBAN), which was created to strengthen the position of private investors in Spain, improve their recognition and the dominance of these types of investment operations.
  • Barcelona Activa: Learning to Grow 
    Developed by the local agency Barcelona Activa, in partnership with IESE, this program is designed to help entrepreneurs and managers in the development, growth and internationalization process of their business projects. It consists of three units: analysis of the different stages of a company's growth, the key concepts in terms of management and the methods of securing funds.
  • Barcelona Activa: Strategic Growth Plan 
    IESE Business School and the local agency Barcelona Activa work in close collaboration to promote entrepreneurial initiatives and thus increase business activity. The Strategic Growth Plan (PEC) is an online software application that businesses can use to boost their expansion. The application is not a manual, but a specific tool with information that allows microenterprises to be turned into macroenterprises. This plan is designed for companies with two years of activity behind them. Barcelona Activa and IESE also organize conferences and meetings every year to bring together entrepreneurs and business angels from this senior management school.
  • EBAN 
    IESE's Business Angel Network is part of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN), a non-profit association that promotes the market visibility of informal private investors. It finances the most interesting projects presented to them by entrepreneurs.
  • ENISA 
    This public capital corporation of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce focuses its activities on supporting companies in the growth phase. It aims to provide financial support for newly established SMEs headed by entrepreneurs of any age to help them secure the investments they require and implement their business projects. It works in collaboration with the IESE's Network of Private Investors and Family Offices.
  • Ernst & Young: Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
    Es una de las mayores empresas de servicios profesionales del mundo que incluye auditoría, impuestos, finanzas, contabilidad y asesoramiento en la gestión de la empresa. En colaboración con BNP Paribas e IESE, cuenta con un amplio dispositivo en España para que los emprendedores ejemplares sean conocidos socialmente. Desde 1996 concede el Premio Emprendedor del Año.
  • European Growth Summit 
    This is a network of 500 of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. It allows them to share key challenges and best practices and promote common policies for companies that drive the European economy. It has the full support of IESE Business School.
  • La Caixa: Emprendedor XXI Awards
    La Caixa and the Spanish Innovation Company (ENISA) hold the Emprendedor XXI Awards each year to honor the country's top entrepreneurs. The categories are newly created companies and companies with a high growth potential, and there are runner-up prizes for social contribution and innovation. The winners may also take specific programs taught at the University of Cambridge, IESE Business School and ESADE Business School. The total prize in the 2013 edition is €280,000 and includes, for the first time, an international support and networking program to bring the winners into contact with industry leaders from around the world, including executives from Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.
  • SAP Startups Program
    SAP HANA is an integrated platform (hardware + software) that combines innovative core technologies and data processing, while providing libraries for business forecasting, planning and analysis. Its SAP Startups Program has an investment fund for entrepreneurial projects. IESE Business School collaborates on this platform.