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  • ‘Barcelona Startups Network’ 
    In 2013, the local agency Barcelona Activa, Telefónica's startup accelerator Wayra, and IESE Business School implemented the initiative Barcelona Startups Network. This purpose of this network is to bring entrepreneurs into contact with experts who will advise them on the process of launching their business projects and securing funding. The meetings will take place in the Movistar area of the Mobile World Center each month. All meetings will be chaired by a successful entrepreneur who will provide expertise on how to succeed in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Bankinter Foundation entrepreneurs
    The Bankinter Innovation Foundation entrepreneurs' platform,which serves as a connection between entrepreneurs and investors, was launched in April 2013. More than 200 programs have already been analyzed. In doing so, it aims to support innovative projects, based on emerging technologies, in the early stages of their development. Monitor Deloitte, with support from the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, IESE Business School and ENISA, has developed an international survey on high-impact entrepreneurship in Spain. The aim of the survey is to research the current status of the Spanish entrepreneurial environment and its needs by taking into account the views of high-impact entrepreneurs and comparing them with those of professionals from other countries.
  • Ernst & Young: Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
    Es una de las mayores empresas de servicios profesionales del mundo que incluye auditoría, impuestos, finanzas, contabilidad y asesoramiento en la gestión de la empresa. En colaboración con BNP Paribas e IESE, cuenta con un amplio dispositivo en España para que los emprendedores ejemplares sean conocidos socialmente. Desde 1996 concede el Premio Emprendedor del Año.
  • Yuzz Program 
    The Banesto Foundation and IESE Business School collaborate on the Yuzz Program, which was created to provide training and advice for entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 30. It aims to encourage entrepreneurship and facilitate funding channels for new entrepreneurs, and to enable them to access the business angel network of this senior management school. It also promotes participatory orientation days and workshops, and the owners of the most promising projects will benefit from mentors to help them access and communicate with investors.
  • SAP Startups Program
    SAP HANA is an integrated platform (hardware + software) that combines innovative core technologies and data processing, while providing libraries for business forecasting, planning and analysis. Its SAP Startups Program has an investment fund for entrepreneurial projects. IESE Business School collaborates on this platform.